Pete's Pure Prosecco

Colour: Bright pale straw.

Aroma: Enticing aromas of green apple and grapefruit with a hint of lemon zest.

Palate: A lively, zesty and refreshing palate tasting of granny smith apples and bright citrus fruit. The wine finishes crisp and clean.

Pete's Pure Moscato

Colour: Pale straw.

Aroma: The nose shows wonder-fully aromatic notes of citrus zest, lychees, kiwi fruit and musk, all bursting out of the glass.

Palate: Mouth filling sweetness dominates the palate, with balanced acid and a fine spritz. Rich flavours of apricot, sherbet and grapey muscat deliver a classic Moscato palate. A wine made for fun and for any occasion.

Pete's Pure Chardonnay

Colour: Pale straw.

Aroma: This vibrant Chardonnay exhibits melon, nectarine and white peach flavours with subtle hints of vanilla oak.

Palate: Sweet fruit characters with a creamy mouth feel and a great length of flavour.

Pete's Pure Pinot Grigio

Colour: Pale-yellow straw.

Aroma: Attractive citrus, apple blossom and ripe pear notes. Pronounced varietal notes of crunchy pear, granny smith apple with lemon and lime citrus. 

Palate: A juicy palate perfectly balanced by a crisp, acid backbone.The finish is long and refreshing.

Pete's Pure Sauvignon Blanc

Colour: Pale straw with green hues.

Aroma: This wine displays lifted aromas of passion fruit and gooseberry.

Palate: Upon tasting you will experience typical Sauvignon Blanc grassy notes accompanied by punchy tropical fruit flavours. The juicy palate displays generous length with a clean and crisp finish.

Pete's Pure Shiraz Rosé

Colour: Pale salmon.

Aroma: Enticing aromas of strawberries and cream, with rose petal, violet and a subtle hint of apple.

Palate: Delicious red berry fruits burst into the mouth, along with rhubarb and crunchy apple. The zesty citrus acidity ensures this rosé has a lovely freshness and balance, along with a crisp dry, finish.

Pete's Pure Pinot Noir

Colour: Light purple.

Aroma: A vibrant, lively wine with beautiful forest floor notes on the nose, along with strawberries and cranberry. Subtle notes of raspberry and rose petal mesh with vanilla bean pod and a touch of spicy oak.

Palate: Bright cherry notes backed by a crunchy acidity and fine tannin base. Hints of red berry fruits and a distinct savoury touch give this wine a complex varietal character with long length of flavour.

Pete's Pure Cabernet Sauvignon

Colour: Deep bright ruby.

Aroma: Ripe lifted nose with a touch of cassis and mint.

Palate: Well balanced soft full palate with sweet fruit and fine tannins on the finish.

Pete's Pure Shiraz

Colour: Medium purple. 

Aroma: Packed full of bright red berry fruits with hints of mulberry, white pepper, star anise and mint. A dash of chocolate and spicy oak adds a more mature angle to this young and energetic Shiraz. 

Palate: This elegant wine is packed full of vibrant red fruits with hints of blueberry, blood plum and vanilla. A fine tannin structure adds a delightful textural element to a long, lingering finish.

Pete's Pure Merlot

Colour: Medium purple. 

Aroma: A vibrant wine with black pepper, mint and dark chocolate notes on the nose, with subtle notes of spicy oak.

Palate: Plum and blackberry with fine tannins to finish.


The Southern Murray Darling region sits at the junction of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, and is one of the most productive regions in Australia, producing almost two-thirds of Australia’s agricultural output. Ancient soils, abundant sunshine and warm, dry weather combine to make this a unique part of our country. It’s also what we call home.

Certified sustainable

Pete's Pure (Duxton Vineyards) is currently the largest certified member of Sustainable Winegrowing Australia with 2,000ha. of surrounding native vegetation which acts as a sanctuary of the Regent Parrot, bee foraging grounds which create a self protecting ecosystem which limits the need for chemical insecticides.


Our viticulturists were drawn here years ago by the almost perfect grape growing conditions and a genuine love of the land. While Nature plays a huge role, our vineyard team also works hard to make sure that this wonderful land gets its best chance to shine. Everything we do in the vineyard is aimed at leaving the soils in pristine condition. We rely heavily on organic fertiliser and organic pest control, as well as using recycled material for our vine trellising. We strive to ensure we have the right levels of soil biodiversity and use natural products to help our vines thrive through the heat of summer. When you put our remarkable conditions and our focus on sustainable viticulture together, you end up with grapes of immense flavour and wonderful consistency.

Re + Bottles

By using more of what we already have to make new packaging, we create less waste helping us to meet our sustainability targets.
-  Increase in recycled glass content from 20% to 52!
-  Bottle weight reduced by >25%, reducing our overall carbon footprint
-  A hint of colour in the glass, the mark of a better, more sustainable glass