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The Southern Murray Darling region sits at the junction of New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, and is one of the most fertile regions in Australia, producing almost two-thirds of Australia’s agricultural output. Ancient soils, abundant sunshine and warm, dry weather combine to make this a unique part of our country. It’s also what we call home.

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Sustainability at our core

perfect conditions

Our viticulturists were drawn here years ago by the almost perfect grape growing conditions and a genuine love of the land. While Nature plays a huge role, our vineyard team also works hard to make sure that this wonderful land gets its best chance to shine. Everything we do in the vineyard is aimed at leaving the soils in pristine condition. We rely heavily on organic fertiliser and organic pest control, as well as using recycled material for our vine trellising. We strive to ensure we have the right levels of soil biodiversity and use natural products to help our vines thrive through the heat of summer. When you put our remarkable conditions and our focus on sustainable viticulture together, you end up with grapes of immense flavour and wonderful consistency.